How does the auto-tagger work?

Step 1

You will first provide a name and email address. We will validate your email (by clicking on a link).

bing autotag step 1

Step 2

After validating your email address, you will provide your Bing Ads or Microsoft Account username and password. We DO NOT store your username or password. We simply pass this value to Bing and then throw it away.

bing auto tagger connect

Step 3

Pick the values you want for the utm_source and utm_medium. You can also optionally over-ride existing parameters.

bing auto tagger update utm

Step 4

Answer a few questions so we can learn a little more about you and your marketing activities...

bing autotag step 4

Step 5

Pick the Bing accounts and campaigns you want us to update...

bing autotag step 5

And that's it, you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I tag my Bing Ads?

Tagging your Bing Ads with our auto-tagger will make is easy to track the effectiveness of your Bing ads in tools like Google Analytics and Bizible's Marketing Analytics.

What parameters does Bizible add to my ads?

Bizible will add the following parameters to the destination URLs on your ads and keywords:

  • utm_source - You can configure the auto-tagger to set your own value for utm_source. We realize some people want it to be "bing" or "Bing Ads", etc. So we made this configurable.
  • utm_medium - You can configure the auto-tagger to set your own value for utm_medium. It defaults to "CPC".
  • utm_term - The auto-tagger will set this value to {keyword}. Bing will then insert the keyword you were bidding on for utm_term.
  • utm_content - The auto-tagger will set this value to{adid}. Bing will then insert the Bing Ad ID for utm_content. To see the the ad copy for this ad, you can search your Bing Ads account for that Ad Id.
  • utm_campaign - The auto-tagger will set utm_campaign to the name of your Bing Ads campaign.

What happens if I have other parameters on my destination URLs?

The auto-tagger will only add parameters to your destination URLS. If you have other parameters, they will not be affected. If you have existing UTM parameters, the auto-tagger will not change those UTM parameters, it will only add UTM parameters that are missing. We are considering allowing you to updating existing UTM parameters in new versions of the tool. The auto-tagger only appends missing UTM parameters to the end of your destination URLS, it will not change any existing parameters or URL structure.

Who is Bizible? Why did you build this tool and offer it for free?

We are advertising veterans, ironicallyformerly Bing Ads engineers. We build products for online marketers to track and optimize the effectiveness of online marketing (through both inbound and paid channels). In short, we want to help you make better marketing decisions. Being online marketers ourselves and having worked on the Bing Ads team, we know first-hand how painful it is not being able to easy track the effectivenessof Bing Ads, so we decided to fix the problem and make it available to you. If you like the auto-tagger, check out our other products and hopefully we can help you make better marketing decisions with them.

Is Bizible associated with Bing, Bing Ads, or Microsoft?

No. We used to work in Bing Ads and we have the relationship needed to have API access to Bing Ads (like any other API partner), but that's it. We are happy to work with Microsoft on the auto-tagger, but currently there is no relationship.

What happens when I add new ads in the future?

You can simply come back to Bizible and walk through this again. We don't currently offer a product that automaticallyupdates new ads, although let us know if you think we should build it!

What types of ads and/or destination URLs does the auto-tagger support?

The auto-tagger will add tracking parameters to the destination URLs for desktop and mobile Text Ads and any keyword level destination URLs for search keywords. It will not tag Image, Rich Search, or Product ads.