salesforce adwords roi

AdWords ROI

Bizible lets you drill deep on AdWords ROI at the campaign, ad group, ad content, and keyword level, so you can measure and make search optimization decisions based on revenue.

Multi-Channel Tracking

Bizible reports Google Analytics style UTMs parameters directly in Salesforce, which makes evaluating and optimizing ANY online marketing campaign by ROI easy.

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salesforce adwords roi

Detailed Lead History

Arm your sales team with the marketing information they need to close more opportunities. See how your leads interacted with your site before they converted, plus all relevant marketing info.

Custom Reports

Online marketing is becoming more complex and fragmented. We've done the work building actionable stock reports, plus allowing for nearly unlimited custom reports to fit your business.

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salesforce adwords roi

Multiple Integrations

From Salesforce instant updates to marketing automation systems such as Marketo and custom-built sites, Bizible just works so you don't have to learn new systems.