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Bizible enables high fidelity revenue planning and scenario analysis powered by machine learning.

High Fidelity
Machine learning based forecasting enables unparalled accuracy.
Baked-In Collaboration
Cloud-based planning enables multiple user collaboration.
Compare Scenarios
Save multiple forecasts and compare the revenue impact of multiple options.
Segment Modeling
Build revenue plans for different segments, like product lines or regions.
Custom Stages
See the upstream impact of marketing changes on your entire funnel.
Intelligent Forecasting
Deal size, velocity, seasonality are forecasted across every lead and opp.

Manage revenue forecast to your marketing plan

Understand expected revenue, compared to plan, multiple quarters in advance. See a roll up of all channels in the CMO view or drill into each subchannel to see what is over and under-delivering according to plan.


Visualize the revenue impact of multiple scenarios

Easily and quickly understand how potential changes to marketing mix and campaigns will affect future opportunities, pipeline, deals, and revenue.

Bizible is #1 in market share and satisfaction for B2B marketing performance management

"Bizible give us a new avenue to incorporate more predictability into our planning process and add the flexibility to scenario plan against changes in budgets, the market and buyer behavior."

Thomas Been