Bizible For Salesforce Account Executives

Sell Bizible To Sell More Salesforce

After adopting Bizible, companies increase Sales Cloud licenses 21% after just 3 months (on average).

Bizible is a marketing analytics application (ISV) for Salesforce that connects sales and marketing data. This allows companies to track and optimize marketing by return-on-investment (ROI) and therefore make profitable marketing decisions. Customers love it -- just look at any of the over 115 perfect reviews in the AppExchange.

We found that after companies start using  Bizible, they increase Sales Cloud licenses 21% in just 3 months. This makes sense: High-performing AdWords campaigns generate more opportunities, requiring a larger sales team and therefore more Sales Cloud licenses.

Hundreds of companies of all industries and sizes use Bizible, but our target customers are those using Salesforce and investing in online advertising such as Google AdWords. Here's a sampling:

We've made it really easy for you to determine if Bizible might be a good fit for your clients. This is a proven template that AEs have used in the past, so please continue using!

If one of your clients sign up for Bizible, you'll get a portion of the ACV (currently 15% or about $1,000) to your quota. But, again, they'll likely be generating more leads, opportunities, and need more sales people (and Sales Cloud licenses), which is the real value for you. It's a rare win win win.

Like you, we're committed to making Salesforce amazing for many years to come. Feel free to email me at to get in touch with me if you have any questions and learn more about Bizible.