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In the first annual State of Pipeline Marketing report we asked over 350 marketers how they measure success, which activities have the greatest impact on revenue, and what their number one marketing priority is.

It’s the only report that tells you the channels, attribution models, and priorities of marketers who champion revenue-focused marketing.

It’s a unique view into how today’s technology and data-driven B2B marketers gain insights into their sales and marketing funnel.

In our inaugural survey there are 5 stats that stuck out to us:

25% Of Marketers Aren’t Using An Attribution Model

We asked marketers several questions about the attribution models they use. Why do they use it? Are they using a single touch or multi-touch model?

We find that a quarter of marketers don’t yet have an attribution model in place and those that do are most likely using a single-touch model. 


What you measure for is what you optimize for. Marketers use total opportunities as the primary metric for measuring marketing success.

This is followed closely by total revenue.


Email Marketing And Conferences/Tradeshows Have The Greatest Impact On Revenue

The top three activities with the greatest impact on revenue are email marketing, SEO, and conferences/tradeshows.


70% Of Marketers Don't Know If They Are Using The Right Attribution Model  

When asked whether they believe they are using the right attribution model, 38% of marketers say they are not using the right attribution model, and 31% of marketers are not sure whether the model they use is the one the best fits their organization.


Marketers Who Understand Pipeline Marketing Are Nearly 2X More Likely To Be Tightly Aligned With Sales  

Marketers who indicate they are extremely familiar with pipeline marketing are much more likely to be tightly aligned with sales compared to marketers who are not familiar with pipeline marketing.

Pipeline marketers view marketing and sales as one funnel. As a result, expert pipeline marketers are tightly aligned with their sales teams.


These are just a few surprising findings we uncovered. Download the report to get insights on the growth and adoption of pipeline marketing.

The State of Pipeline Marketing offers an in depth look into B2B marketing programs to help today’s marketers navigate the complex world of marketing technology, performance measurement, and marketing attribution.