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Down-funnel metrics are more important than ever before.

In the third annual State of Pipeline Marketing Report, we surveyed about 350 B2B and B2C marketers with sales teams to learn how they drive growth at their organizations. What are they prioritizing? How are they creating their plans and measuring success?

The trend is clear: more marketers are using down-funnel metrics, like sales opportunities, pipeline, and revenue as their focal point.


Nearly 70% of marketers use opportunities, pipeline, deals, or revenue as their primary metric for planning, just over 55% use the same metrics for measuring marketing performance, and converting leads to customers is the most frequently reported marketing priority. 


As for which channels have the most positive impact on revenue, there was little change to the top ten year-over-year. Word of mouth remained the top channel, content marketing jumped from the sixth most frequently cited channel to the second, and there were two newcomers to the list: field marketing (8th) and the long-tail group of “other” channels and activities (9th).

When it comes to marketing data quality, respondents were lukewarm. Just over 50% said their CRM and marketing automation data quality was “somewhat complete and up-to-date” and only 6.6% said their data was “complete and up-to-date.”

Be sure to download the full report, which includes pivots on how to get a bigger marketing budget, deep dives on revenue measurement and planning, marketing data quality, and sales and marketing alignment, and year-over-year data.

We’ve also put together an excellent panel of marketing experts to discuss the data from the report. You can watch it on-demand here.