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LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B companies. While we spend thousands of dollars per month on LinkedIn to advertise our B2B marketing attributionproduct, we want to maximize the free interactions on LinkedIn.

Using some of LinkedIn’s more recent functionality and features, our team developed 4 “social selling” and demand generation hacks to get more business.

My LinkedIn profile gets approximately 100 views each month, and when you add up all the views across the team it adds up to a lot of impressions. These are free impressions and brand awareness opportunities you should be taking advantage of. Here are 4 ways to do that. 

Hack #1: Add Links To Your Profile

There are two reasons to add relevant links to your profile; it helps with organic search rankings and adds links to your Rapportive profile.

The links pass their value to search engines like Google (they are “follow” links). Combined with the fact you pick the anchor text of the link, these links can make a difference in search engines.

Another strong benefit is these links show in your Rapportive profile. This is what it looks like for people who use Rapportive:

To add links, go to your LinkedIn profile, click "Contact Info," hover over "Websites," click the blue edit pencil, and add your links.

Hack #2: Add Opportunities And Share Blog Posts

Add all opportunities on LinkedIn. Share each blog post. This makes it easy for prospects and customers you’ve added to LinkedIn (or who are just checking out your page) to stay up to date on our latest developments, and perhaps even create a few leads from social shares. 

Hack #3: Add Media To Your Summary Bio

Designed to show off your work, adding business-related media to your summary will make it easy for your profile visitors to view and click through to your website. Basically you are treating this feature as banners ads on your profile.

To add media, scroll down and hover over your "Summary" section and click the icon that has the plus sign in the corner of a box. Type your landing page into the text field, click continue, then click "Add to profile." Rinse and repeat.

Here’s what it looks like on my profile:

Hack #4: Add Icon To Your Picture

Your picture gets way more views than your profile, so make every view count. Add a brand icon to your picture and start growing awareness. Both Sean Ellis from Qualaroo / GrowthHackers and Joel Gascoigne from Buffer do this on their Twitter accounts.

Attention spans are short and visitors do their own research. So why not make it easy for them to learn about your product or service? If you derive benefit from LinkedIn, then these simple hacks are a no brainer for boosting the visibility and demand for your product or service.

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