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These Are The 4 Types Of B2B Search Marketing Campaigns

By Dave Rigotti
Jun 26, 2014
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Search engine marketing (SEM) is incredibly important for companies with sales teams. We even published a study after tracking nearly 500,000 leads which found that over 50% of leads came from search marketing.

What types of campaigns should you be running? This post breaks down the four search engine marketing campaigns you should be doing if you're a B2B company, using Marketo as an example. I call them the four Cs: Company, Category, Content, and Compete.


Simply, these are people who are searching for your company or misspellings. Otherwise known as "brand keywords" or "brand terms" these terms are generally high-performing and deeper down the the sales pipeline (maybe even a customer), since searchers are already familiar with your brand.

Here's an example of a company ad when searching "marketo" on Google.



These keywords are when people search for a solution or related terms to your product, but probably don’t know about your company yet and tends to be more exploration. This is a good opportunity to land prospects on a high-level overview, with options to dig deeper into specific ares your product or download relevant content.

Here's an example of a category ad when searching "marketing automation" on Google.



These keywords are when people search for specific content (aka “whitepaper” or “guide”) related to you to your industry. Like category ads, this tends to be more exploration and top of the funnel. This is a good opportunity to land prospects directly on a content download page and initiative a sales development process and/or lead nurturing.

Here's an example of a category ad when searching "marketing automation guide" on Google.



These keywords are when people actively look to compare options and competitors. Searchers tend to be much deeper in the funnel as options have been narrowed down. This is a good opportunity to have pre-built pages that only focus on the competitor being compared against and make it easy for prospect to understand key differences. Learn from your competitors using a site such as spyfu.com to win new business piggybacking off their initial work.

Here's an example of a category ad when searching "hubspot vs marketo" on Google.


In conclusion, creating strong a strong search engine marketing requires planning, dedication, and optimization, but can have huge payoffs in the end. If you're using Salesforce, check out our AdWords + Salesforce integration that enables you to make optimizations based on revenue instead of leads. 

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