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Marketing content that goes unread? Cringe.

Content is expensive to create. It’s time consuming. So it’s important that marketers implement tactics to drive more content downloads in order to generate leads and conversions.

Content is a terrible thing to waste. So we decided to share 5 tactics that help drive more content downloads.

B2B marketers know the importance of ROI, so here are tactics to help drive engagement and get the most out of your content.


1.     Link PPC Ads to Content Landing Pages

Searchers are looking for answers. Your content answers their questions. But SEO takes time and it is increasingly competitive to get your content on the first organic search results page.

Creating PPC ads that link to pages with forms for gated content is a tactic we use to help us generate leads.

Think of paid search ads as a traffic junction. They can link to more than just your homepage.

If you’ve invested in quality content your next step is to drive traffic to it. Nothing is worse than unread content.


2.     Use Sitelink Extensions

Adding sitelinks to your PPC ads is a great way to direct traffic towards your content. These are links that appear below your PPC ad copy and direct traffic towards a specific landing pages.

The copy in the sitelink extension should describe your content, and entice searchers by describing the valuable information you’re providing in your whitepaper, guide or case study.


Think of it as a headline that attracts B2B buyers. What’s the value proposition of your content piece? How does your content help them achieve their business goals? Answer these in the sitelink copy and drive traffic to your landing page, increasing the rate of content downloads.

3.     Use Remarketing to Capture Abandoned Visitors

Your newest content may just convince your prospects to engage with your online content. Remarketing helps you bring back past site visitors who may be interested in fresh content.

What makes remarketing powerful is the ability to target specific prospects based on the sitepages they visited.

Perhaps you’ve created fresh content that might interest visitors who spent time on your resource or product page. You can even create custom messages for different remarketing lists.

Good messaging and copy describing your content is how you can bring visitors back to your site. 


4.     Optimize Based on ROI

The best information to inform your PPC effort is revenue data. It shows you exactly the lead generation tactics associated with sales wins. Whether it’s changes to ad copy or keyword groups, utilizing ROI to guide optimization is important for modern B2B marketers.

Integrating AdWords data with a CRM allows marketers to truly understand the ads related to leads that are likely to become sales qualified.

These leads are willing to download your content. So start getting these users onto your content download pages by optimizing PPC ads based on ROI data.

This follows the broader marketing strategy we call Pipeline Marketing.


5.     Import to Bing Ads

Don’t ignore Bing Ads. It currently holds 25% of market share for online search in the US. If you haven’t explored using Bing Ads, it’s really quite easy. You can import your ads directly to Bing Ads from Google Adwords, saving you time from having to recreate your ads.


Ignoring Bing Ads is ignoring a large set of clicks, downloads and conversions.


If You Read Only One Thing....

Content is expensive to create, so it’s important that marketers maximize the number of downloads. Utilizing a few PPC tactics can maximizie leads and conversions.

These tactics include using sitelink extensions, PPC ads linking to content download pages, and optimizing campaigns based on ROI data.

It's all part of a good pipeline marketing strategy

Maximize the investment in high quality content using the abovementioned tactics, and start increasing content downloads today.