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Marketing technology is rapidly evolving and so with it grows the role of Marketing Ops. The ever-changing landscape makes it hard to keep pace, but with Twitter, there is a sea of great information, shared fluidly throughout the day (if you follow the right people).

Here are 53, of the right people, who you need to follow on Twitter to stay in-the-know with all things marketing ops and technology.

Gary Katz, @garymkatz

Chief Strategy Officer, Marketing Operations Partners, Chief Marketing Officer of the Marketing Future Forum, Go-to-Market Alignment Leader at Renesas.

@createdevelop The good news is marketing ops is still young. It's sexy days are ahead of it.

— Gary M Katz (@garymkatz) November 11, 2015

Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett        

Chief Digital Officer at Rainmaker Digital and the Co-author of Pro Blogger Book.


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