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7 Demand Generation Leaders You Need to Follow

By Andrew Nguyen
Dec 20, 2014
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It’s tough to find valuable and reliable content in today’s media saturated landscape. When it comes to demand generation and data driven marketing, the search gets even tougher.

Luckily we found these leaders who are sharing quality content on improving demand generation. They are men and women to follow on Twitter.

Bill Muller, CMO of Visual IQ

Bill Muller is CMO at Visual IQ and recently published “Measuring Content Marketing’s ROI Through Marketing Attribution.” He explains how marketers can use tracking and marketing attribution modeling to measure the impact of their content marketing strategy.  



Muller says marketers should tag content piecees in each of distribution channels, then connect this data to CRM's and tag management tools. Visitors should be identified via cookies, and a marketing attribution solution should be implemented to begin crunching the numbers.

Armed with the output of an attribution solution – knowing which piece of content, content categories or content channels has produced the highest ROI – marketers can then optimize,” explains Muller.

Louis Foong, CEO of The ALEA Group

Louis Foong is president and CEO of B2B demand generation company The ALEA Group. Foong’s blog covers demand generation and leadership in marketing.



In a recent post, “Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing for B2B,” Foong asks a question we should all be answering: Are you testing social media waters or have you found measurable results and ROI?

Comment on the story if you've succeeded in generating leads on paid social. We’ve shared ours, but we want to hear about yours.

Julia Stead, CMO of Invoca

Julia Stead is CMO of Invoca and recently hosted the CMO roundtable webinar, "Search Marketing Must-Haves for 2015." The webinar focused on the most influential paid search changes of 2014, and new strategies to test in 2015. 



Recent articles from Stead include, "The Most Powerful Facebook Retargeting Feature You're Not Using," and "Why Call Intelligence Is The Next Big Differentiator For B2B Marketers."

Stead has a track record of helping B2B technology companies in North America and Europe launch and adopt new marketing strategies that target Fortune 1000 companies. 

Uri Bar-Joseph, Director of Marketing at Simply Measured

Uri Bar-Joseph is Director of Market at Simply Measured and his article for SearchEngineWatch was recently named one of the best social media articles of 2014. 



Joseph has a monthly column on SearchEngineWatch covering the paid search industry. His article on measuring social ROI explains how to use 5 cross-channel metrics to compare performance across social platforms. 

Petra Neiger, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing at Polycom

Petra Neiger is Senior Director, Integrated Marketing at Polycom and is recognized as the Women to Watch in B2B Marketing by FierceCMO. Neiger tweets about technology, social media and content marketing.

Neiger is a senior director by day and student by night.  She recently published “5 Stress Busting Techniques for Marketers,” outlining a marketing plan-like framework for managing stress.



Follow Petra Neiger at @petra1400.

Glenn Gow, Founder of Crimson Marketing

Glenn Gow is the author of Revenue and the CMO, founder of Crimson Marketing and writer for MarketingProfs. 


Gow is also the host the Moneyball for Marketing podcast where he intereviews leading marketers. 

Mia Dand, CEO of Lighthouse3

Mia Dand is CEO of Lighthouse3, providing social media and digital programs that improve the ROI on marketing investments. 



At the Data Strategy Symposium in November 2014, Dand presented, "Social Media Data is Sexy Again." According to Dand:

Brands need to break down internal silos by developing a cohesive pan-organization social data strategy, optimising their organization structure, establishing strong collaborative processes, and enabling a robust technology solution to leverage social data.

Mia Dand tweets about online marketing, science and technology. 

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