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If you’re searching for good information on account-based marketing there are a variety of places to find it. One of those places is the ABM Innovation Summit, sponsored by Demandbase.

If you’re heading out to this conference April 11 - 12, here’s a quick rundown of how to get the most out of the summit.

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Ask the How of Account-Based Marketing

Why ABM makes sense is pretty clear, but how to best execute and measure ABM is a topic that’s top of mind for many B2B marketers. At the ABM Innovation Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from companies who have invested in, and found success in executing ABM strategies. These companies include LinkedIn, Deloitte, ServiceMax by GE, and many more.

Before you arrive, define your questions around how to best create, manage and measure your account-based marketing program. Review who will be speaking and who will be attending, and get ready to ask them your questions. It’s a focused event, so get ready to gain actionable information!

Learn the Measurement Side of Account-Based Marketing

We’re pretty excited to have our VP of Marketing, Jenn Steele, discuss the measurement side of the equation. At Bizible we help B2B marketers measure the ROI of their ABM efforts. There are a few steps, including getting your team aligned to revenue, setting up your marketing technology stack, generating data, and implementing improvements.

That’s a lot of work! Fortunately, Jenn Steele’s speaking session is aptly named “Measuring ABM Without Losing Your Mind.”

Here’s the description for the session:

As you transition to ABM, it becomes critical to put a reliable measurement framework in place. But transforming from measuring a leads-based organization to an accounts-based organization can feel overwhelming – even crazy making. In this session, you’ll learn how measuring ABM is all about the data, and how to make sure everyone involved gets the proper credit.

The session is on Thursday, April 12th from 11:45am - 12:30pm and we hope to see you there!

The summit is sure to be a valuable use of time. You can get ABM certified and meet ABM practitioners at all levels (from managers to CMOs). 

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Are you curious about other ways to meet us during conference season? Learn what we're doing at Marketo Summit 2018.