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23 Account-Based Marketing Leaders to Follow on Twitter

By Alexis Getscher
Feb 3, 2016
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Unless you’ve been avoiding all media, you know the new, hot term within marketing departments is “account-based marketing.” And for good reason.

B2B account-based marketing is the process of identifying target accounts and proactively getting your message in front of all influencers within that target company, even if they’ve never been to your website before. It’s fishing with spears instead of nets.

The concept continues to gain traction across the B2B marketing landscape with new theories and conferences popping up every day.

To stay up to date on all the hottest ABM news, follow these 23 account-based marketing leaders on Twitter who prove there’s more to marketing than being really, really ridiculously good looking.

1. Megan Heuer, @MegHeuer

Megan Heuer is the group director for data-driven marketing, including marketing operations and account-based marketing strategies, at Sirius Decisions.


2. Adrienne Weissman, @G2Adrienne

Adrienne Weissman is the Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at G2Crowd, the industry-leading review platform for business software and services.


3. Dorothea Gosling, @DoroGosling

Dorothea Gosling is the Center of Excellence Leader at CSC, which was named The Named Account Marketing Program of the Year by SiriusDecisions in 2014.


4. Jon Miller, @JonMiller

Jon Miller is the CEO and Co-Founder of Engagio, an account-based marketing platform. He previously co-founded Marketo.


5. Jim Williams, @jimcwilliams

Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing at Influitive, a SaaS advocate marketing company.


6. Adam New-Waterson, @RevTechCMO

Adam New-Waterson is the CMO at LeanData, a sales and marketing operations platform.


7. Matt Heinz, @HeinzMarketing

Matt Heinz is the President at Heinz Marketing, an agency focused on sales acceleration.


8. Peter Isaacson, @peisaacson

Peter Isaacson is the CMO at Demandbase, a MarTech company that allows businesses to deliver personalized ads to people at specific companies across the web.


9. Scott Vaughan, @ScottAVaughan

Scott Vaughan is the CMO at Integrate, a SaaS-based, closed-loop platform that automates and streamlines outbound demand generation


10. Sangram Vajre, @sangramvajre

Sangram Vajre is the Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus, the leading B2B account-based automation software. He is also the founder of #FlipMyFunnel.


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11. Dave Rigotti, @drigotti

Dave Rigotti is the Head of Marketing at Bizible, a B2B marketing attribution software that connects offline and online marketing to revenue.


12. Craig Rosenberg, @funnelholic

Craig Rosenberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps companies grow faster. He is also the editor of the sales and marketing blog, Funnelholic.


13. Chris Souza, @ChrisSouzaB2B

Chris Souza is the Senior Marketing Manager at PagerDuty, an operations performance platform that decreases resolution times, increases visibility across organizations, and improves quality of life for on-call teams.


14. Doug Bewsher, @dougino

Doug Bewsher is the CEO at Leadspace, an end-to-end predictive analytics platform for B2B sales and marketing.


15. Jill Rowley, @jill_rowley

Jill Rowley is a keynote speaker, social selling evangelist and marketing advisor to companies including HubSpot, TrackMaven and DataRPM


16. Joe Chernov, @jchernov

Joe Chernov is the Vice President of Marketing at InsightSquared, a sales performance analytics solution that delivers reports on every major sales metric.


17. Jessica Cross, @JFayeSF

Jessica Cross is the Director of Audience Marketing at EverString, the only account-based, full-funnel predictive analytics solution for sales and marketing.


18. Julia Stead, @JuliaStead

Julia Stead is the Director of Demand Generation at Invoca, a call intelligence platform that provides visibility to engage mobile customers beyond the click.


19. Christopher Engman, @ChrisEngman

Christopher Engman is the CEO at Vendemore, a provider of B2B account-based marketing for companies with complex products or services.


20. Jason Jue, @jasondjue

Jason Jue is the CMO and Co-Founder of Tribilio, a SaaS company that provides personalization for account-based marketing.


21. Tonni Bennett, @TonniBennett

Tonni Bennett is the Director of Sales at Terminus, B2B account-based automation software.


22. John Dering, @d_rang

John Dering is the Director of Marketing Programs at DemandBase, a subscription-based ad targeting and web personalization solution that connects marketing campaigns to revenue.


23. Jessica Fewless, @jfewlessB2B

Jessica Fewless is an account-based marketing specialist building pipeline generation strategies for B2B marketing and sales at DemandBase.

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