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We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Activity Attribution in Bizible! With Activity Attribution, you can now track and measure the performance of your sales and CRM activity right alongside your marketing efforts.

Why are we excited for this? Because a company’s measurement process should be custom tailored to their unique go-to-market, sales cycle, and reporting preferences. We are seeing customers create touchpoints for everything from view-throughs to engagement with sales-enablement content. It comes down to what’s important in your sales cycle, and what do you want to measure and improve?

At Bizible we have an amazing BDR team and they should get the credit they deserve when we look at overall revenue performance at Bizible. Sales Activity Attribution helps us do this.

Activity Attribution works by enabling you to create touchpoints based on the sales activity object in your CRM. You can give a successful BDR phone conversation attribution credit right alongside a Paid Social or Field Marketing touchpoint. And with activity-based rules, you can track nearly everything, including online chat, customer advocacy actions, and anything else that can write to an activity in your CRM.

Finally, you can understand the ROI of your sales efforts the same way you understand the ROI of your marketing efforts. But don’t just take our word for it--check out below how Bizible customers are already putting this powerful feature to use.

Tracking Outbound Calling and Emails With Activity Attribution

By far the most common use of Activity Attribution has been creating touchpoints from email replies and phone call connections from the outbound sales team. Luckily, there are great solutions like Outreach and Salesloft which automatically create activities based on rules (like outbound email replies), making this a snap.

activity attribution for sales emails bizible b2b marketing

By using rules in Bizible, customers assign appropriate attribution credit for email replies, live phone connections, and more. This ensures the sales team is as much a part of the attribution modeling and reporting as marketing.

Measuring Performance of Lead Forms on Social Platforms

Not all leads are generated from websites anymore. Pitchbook uses a combination of Bizible’s Activity Attribution, Marketo, and lead forms on Facebook and LinkedIn to generate high growth without sacrificing best practices in measurement.

social lead forms and activity attribution example b2b marketing

Activity attribution tracks performance for lead forms that are not native to your website, streamlining performance measurement processes.

Activity Attribution for Live Chat

While you can already track many live chat providers with Bizible, Activity Attribution enables marketers to track new providers and compare the performance of different chat types. For example, customers like Service Titan use Activity Attribution to track chat providers, like Drift, and compare performance between chat driven by bots and chat driven by a live person.

Live chat and activity attribution example b2b marketing

This is just a sampling, there’s so much more! We’ve seen customers create touchpoints from view-through attribution for marketing emails that have been opened but not clicked. We’ve also seen customer create touchpoints for engagement with sales-enablement content, direct mail, and sales appointments. To learn how Activity Attribution can help your company, be sure to request a demo.