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I’m pleased to write that Bizible has continued to expand the number of live chat providers it supports, with the addition of ReadyChat. Just like Olark and SnapEngage, when a new lead is created in Salesforce from ReadyChat, Bizible appends relevant marketing information to the lead, such as how they found your site (including paid channels), what pages they’ve viewed, and other information. We’re pleased to be working with them and bringing new value to marketers who use ReadyChat.

ready chat

Built specifically for the real estate industry, ReadyChat takes a different approach to live chat by not onlyproviding the live chat software, but also the monitoring. Their agents follow a carefully scripted conversion process, answering questions as they build trust and work to convert your visitors into warm leads.


Installation is incredibly simple. Once you are a customer of ReadyChat and Bizible, just contact us to enable the feature. If you aren’t yet a customer, request a demo and we’ll show you how the integration works and how it can help you make profitable marketing decisions.