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In collaboration with DWA, we’re excited to share tons of great data and insights on how B2B marketers are using AdWords to drive business in the third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report.

AdWords has long been a critical channel for B2B marketers. Because it can serve as a channel throughout the funnel from high-level discovery all the way to deep intent searches, strategic use of the platform can have a significant impact on the bottom line.


The AdWords Industry Benchmark Report answers questions like, “What impact should I expect from AdWords?” and “How much room is there to optimize performance?”

Taking a look at AdWords performance data and tens of millions of dollars spent from hundreds of great companies across seven industries, we were able to create benchmarks for marketers like you to compare yourselves to industry peers.

Benchmarks include common marketing metrics like revenue per lead, cost per lead, and cost per opportunity, as well as powerful full-funnel metrics like AdWords’ contribution to leads, opportunities, and revenue, and finally AdWords ROI.


The report also covers year-over-year trends, and industry-specific breakdowns.

Be sure to download the report and register for our webinar with DWA, where we breakdown the benchmarks and discuss what they mean for marketers heading into the second half of 2017 and planning season for 2018.