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AdWords has long been a critical channel for certain B2B industries. When developing a marketing team’s channel mix, it’s a given that AdWords will be an integral part. It’s a proven lead generator, but just how much does AdWords contribute to down-funnel metrics like revenue?

Too often, B2B marketers don’t have a full understanding of what happens after a lead is created. Marketers often also don't know what to expect in terms of ROI when investing in paid media. So we decided to explore these questions in our AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report. 

Why You Should Read The AdWords Benchmarks Report

You’ll find the following benchmarks in the report:

  • AdWords Contribution To Business (percent of leads, opportunities, and revenue attributed to AdWords)

  • Industry Average Revenue Per Lead, AdWords vs All Channels

  • Industry Average Cost Per Opportunity Generated From AdWords

  • Industry Average AdWords ROI, Current and Projected

When B2B marketers can compare  benchmarks with their industry peers they get a better understanding of performance measurement and goal setting. After all, how high is channel performance at 150% ROI if the industry average is 500% ROI? And how do marketers create goals without knowing what’s achievable?

B2B marketers gain valuable insights with a clear understanding of industry performance benchmarks for paid media channels like AdWords. 

For example, they can understand what to expect in terms of cost per lead, cost per opportunity, revenue and ROI. And they can understand how much room there is to optimize paid media based on the abovementioned metrics. 

Our Findings On AdWords Performance Across Industries

This year we’ve made some interesting findings. For example, here's the percentage contribution of total leads, opportunities and revenue attributed to AdWords for the Software and SaaS industry. 


adwords contribution


Are you curious about your industry? The report includes six industries from business services/IT to financial services. 

Here's further examples of stats you'll find in the report. 

AdWords Contribution to Revenue (Including Projected):

  • Agency — 14%;

  • Business Services — 27%;

  • Financial Services — 34%;

  • Hardware/Electronics/Manufacturing — 25%

  • Software/SaaS — 13%

  • Travel — 14%

AdWords (Projected) ROI:

  • Agency — 372%;

  • Business Services — 332%;

  • Financial Service s— 364%

  • Hardware/Electronics/Manufacturing — 256%;

  • Software/SaaS — 251%

  • Travel — 234%

Download Bizible's 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report and understand what to expect and how your peers are performing on the paid media platform.