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It’s been about a month since we announced Marketo’s acquisition of Bizible on stage at Marketing Nation Summit, and with time to reflect and have many conversations with the Bizible and Marketo teams, I couldn’t be more excited for Bizible’s future at Marketo.

We started Bizible seven years ago with the mission to help marketers connect their marketing to revenue so that they could make smart decisions and grow their companies. It’s a simple idea, but a complex challenge.


Bizible is excited to announce the release of a first-of-its-kind product to enable high fidelity revenue planning for B2B marketing organizations through machine learning.

This new revenue planning solution enables B2B CMOs to not only develop better, more accurate marketing revenue plans and forecasts, but exceed goals by enabling modeling of “what if” scenarios such as budget shifts or increases across various marketing channels.

Call Touchpoint

Today, I’m happy to announce a Bizible integration with CallTrackingMetrics.

Through this integration, Bizible will now track and report marketing channel and related information for inbound calls in the same way as all other marketing channels.

CallTrackingMetrics call tracking and automation platform serves more than 20,000 organizations in 70 countries and shares Bizible’s goal of helping to make marketing measurement and reporting actionable. I'm excited that through our partnership we're able to integrate CallTrackingMetrics into existing reporting through Bizible.

Facebook Reporting

At Bizible, we believe in helping marketing teams make the best decisions and our leading automated multi-touch attribution solution is already being leveraged by over 250 brands such as Optimizely, Avalara, and OpenColleges to do just that.

To do their job well, B2B media managers need comprehensive attribution information and insights. Today I’m excited to announce Bizible now has a native integration with Facebook Ads.


Today I’m excited to announce that Bizible’s marketing measurement and reporting solution is now available to Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Now we’re bringing that same advanced understanding of marketing performance management to even more marketing teams. Here’s what one Dynamics customer, Kris Constantine at ChemPoint had to say: “With Bizible, we are able to clearly view the buying journey of a customer, see which channels are the most effective, and capitalizing on those learnings.”

No matter where you look, account-based marketing (ABM) is the hottest topic for B2B marketers in 2016. As with many new methodologies, embracing the concept is often the first step, but proper implementation can bring its own challenges. SiriusDecisions recently discovered that while “92% of companies recognize the value in ABM, going as far as calling it a B2B marketing must-have, only 20% have had full programs in place for more than a year.”

One of the many challenges facing potential practitioners lies in how to measure the success of their ABM program. Crucial to the measurement of ABM success is determining how much revenue these marketing efforts are contributing.

channels dash
B2B marketers have long dealt with a black box problem when it comes to understanding how their marketing investments generate revenue. Lengthy sales cycles spanning many touchpoints, multiple decision makers involved in the deal, and offline revenue transactions in the CRM made marketing attribution nearly impossible for B2B marketers for so long.
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Ever since founding Bizible, we’ve been focused on building software that not only connects sales and marketing data, but more closely aligns them as an organization to be a revenue generating machine.