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Guest post by Chris Vendilli, Founder of ProFromGo Internet Marketing

If AdWords is the only Google service that comes to mind when exploring ideas to elevate your business online and increase efficiencies, you may be missing the boat. 

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Looking to capitalize on the benefits of online marketing but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. Here’s my short but important list of must-have online marketing weapons that every business, from small and medium sized businesses to multi-client marketing agencies, should wield in the battle towards online domination.
Recently I found myself searching for a solution to track clients more effectively. Naturally I tried call tracking.  In doing so I realized that, although call tracking may be a great for some, it just doesn’t make sense for small and medium sized businesses.  Especially those business who are service based and targeting a local clientele.  I realized that whenever I was asked about call tracking, I would generally hit on 5 major pitfalls for small business – I’ve decided to share them here:
I suppose it depends on who you talk to but there always seems to be a healthy bit of controversy surrounding Yelp and how much value it actually brings to businesses.  Often times, when I’ve asked businesses about their relationships with Yelp, they struggle to identify first-hand negatives but, more often than not, they know someone who knows someone who went out of business entirely due to Yelp and its “shenanigans”.