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We are happy to announce the 2018 class of Bizible All-Stars! We received a number of submissions and are overwhelmed by the support. Thank you to everyone who applied, we’re grateful to have you as customers!


The 2018 Bizible All-Stars Are:

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The B2B industry is beginning to see a new seat at the C-suite table-- Chief Revenue Officer. More often than not, Sales owns the role and Marketing reports into it. If you’re a CMO and you don’t want to end up reporting to a sales-grown CRO, here’s what you can do.

It starts with revenue.

Historically, Sales shows dollar signs while Marketing shows engagement metrics. For Marketing to receive the credit it deserves, it has to start reporting on revenue.

Here are 5 steps CMOs can follow for better marketing planning based on revenue.


In 2017, we had our first class of Bizible All-Stars and we’ve now opened the application for 2018!

The Bizible All-Stars are a select group of customer advocates who provide input into the future direction of our product. All-Stars also gain early access to new product features, a direct line to the Bizible Executive team, access to a private knowledge-sharing community of other All-Stars, invitations to VIP networking events, and a custom pair of Converse All-Stars.

Current ROI

For the first time, in the 2017 State of Pipeline Marketing Report, we asked marketers how they do planning. They answered questions about budget, planning metrics, confidence in hitting revenue goals and ROI.

At Bizible, we’re huge advocates for planning all marketing channels to revenue. Marketers who track, report and plan to revenue, can level up and join the rest of the organization by talking business in terms of dollars instead of leads.

Of marketers surveyed, almost 30% said they create marketing plans based on Revenue targets or Customers acquisition targets. This post focuses on those marketers, and compares their responses to respondents who answered that they plan marketing to a Lead Volume or MQL metrics.

Planning Metric

Account-based marketing is here to stay. It’s no longer a new strategy and marketers realize it can supplement traditional demand generation, not just replace it.

As Allison Snow said in a recent Forrester blog post, “Smart marketers are using ABM to support the goals they already had, not to change the game and achieve different outcomes.”

In the 2017 State of Pipeline Marketing Report, over 350 marketers responded to questions about how they’re driving growth at their organizations. In this post, we focus on marketers who responded that 50% or more of their marketing is account based.

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What happens when the the most engaging employee communication platform in the universe joins forces with the leading tactile marketing automation solution and the world’s best B2B marketing attribution software? Magic, that’s what. And trackable returns on investment that reach beyond the stars.

But how did the magic happen? Let’s dive into what Jellyvision needed, and how PFL and Bizible were able to serve— not only Jellyvision’s individual pain points, but also as joined forces that helped elevate the campaign to unprecedented levels of success.

G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has named Bizible the only “Leader” for Marketing Attribution providers. Leader status is achieved by a number of factors including the product’s market share, vendor size and social impact, and a customer satisfaction rating based on verified user reviews.