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Fast CMO magazine

We're excited to announce the publication of Fast CMO magazine edition 6. Our magazine shares stories, reflections, and descriptions of what's happening today in B2B marketing.

It spans a variety of industries, focusing on diverse channels to deliver a thoughtful overview of where marketing leaders are finding success.


One of the best ways to learn is by talking to experts. That's why we started Fast CMO magazine.

We recently launched the fifth edition and if you manage a B2B marketing org, we're confident you'll like what's inside .


At Bizible we love looking at data to help us improve the profitability of our marketing. We're revenue focused and love sharing data in order to help you be performance-minded when it comes to managing B2B marketing teams.

We're working on a set of benchmarks for all B2B marketing channels and want to share some early results. In this post we'll look at LinkedIn paid media ROI.


Implementing marketing attribution is not an overnight process. It's a journey that doesn't need to turn into a change management nightmare. 

In this post we discuss the nuts and bolts of implementing an organization-wide attribution model. It's all based on Sameer Khan's presentation at the 2018 MarTech Conference. 

Sameer Khan is Founder of Marketing Ops Pros. His presentation outlines the internal process for rolling out a company-wide attribution model at cloud security company, Alert Logic. 

Here are the takeaways. 

Inside image measuring account based marketing ebook

There’s a lot of content on why account-based marketing is a no-brainer for B2B marketers. Now there’s content emerging on measuring the ROI of account-based marketing (ABM). This short article is on the latter.

We’ve written about key ABM metrics you can use to track performance, but we didn’t dive deeper to explain how to generate and visualize those metrics using available tools. That’s why we created an all-in-one ebook on how to measure the ROI of all your account-based marketing activities.

Fast CMO magazine issue 3 inside image

If you've been following our blog, you know we're excited to bring back print. 

Fast CMO magazine is a leadership and management magazine for B2B CMOs. Our third issue is launched and you're probably wondering what's inside. 

In our latest issue we had the privilege of learning from six successful business leaders across a variety of industries. We cover topics such as the customer experience, persona development, and brand strategy.

Here's what you'll read about. 


In the age of digital marketing, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. That’s why we want to see you at Marketo Summit 2018.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you know events and tradeshows offer a lot of value, not just as a lead driver, but as a way to meet partners, meet customers, and get your message out there. It’s always a lot to take in, so to get the most out of your Marketo Summit experience, consider doing some research on the sessions you want to attend, the booths you want to visit, and the fun experiences you want to have.

What are some of our suggestions you ask? Read below to find out.

print magazine image fast cmo inside pages

There’s no better way to advance our careers than by learning from our peers. At Bizible our motto is, “Customer first, always,” and this means supporting our customers in the best ways we can. That’s why we launched Fast CMO magazine, it’s a way for us to add value for the senior marketing leaders we serve.

Fast CMO’s content is peer driven, based on interviews with successful CMOs and marketing executives. How do they get value? It’s indispensable to read how marketing leaders across different B2B categories are successfully driving growth.

Today’s marketing leaders are chasing big goals. They are managing growth engines, scaling proven marketing strategies, launching new programs, leading transformation, and managing up, down and sideways--they're also getting teams inspired and running smoothly.

That's a lot!