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Head of marketing at Bizible. Ohio native. Carnivore. Corgi owner.

As Head of ABM at Marketo, I’m always eager to learn how others are doing account-based marketing (ABM) and the success they are having. We all know that ABM has been exploding in popularity thanks to new technologies that make it possible to execute and measure ABM at scale, like our Marketo ABM and Bizible ABM solutions.  But is that buzz justified? The only way to find out is to look at the data, which is why I had to look at survey question results from the State of Pipeline Marketing report.

You’re behind in revenue, but most of the quarter is already passed. Typically, marketing says there’s nothing more that can be done and moves to the next quarter. Not at Bizible!

Before we were acquired by Marketo, we found ourselves behind plan with only a month in the quarter. Instead of blaming sales, the marketing team quickly brainstormed a few ideas to make an impact.

One of those ideas, a direct mail campaign to decision makers at open opportunities, paid off big.


Despite lots of chatter around ABM, companies continue to smartly place emphasis on inbound marketing execution, especially content marketing. Content marketing is one of the few marketing channels that has compounding growth (i.e. effort is long lasting), is educational in nature (i.e. helps build the category), and creates intent, which is great for conversion rates.

However, it’s still important to capture this initial inbound interest and convert it to something more meaningful for your business. One of the highest value things we’ve done at Bizible has been to implement upgrade offers. Upgrade offers are CTAs on ungated content that convert the interest (and unknown visitor) to a lead, which then triggers sales engagement.

In this post I’ll share the upgrade offers we’ve tried along with associated stats.


One of my favorite times of the year is being able to dig into the raw results of the State of Pipeline Marketing report. Now in its 4th year, the report is based on survey responses from over 400 B2B marketers and provides a wealth of insights.

A great question this year was: What is marketing's perceived reputation in your organization: Cost center or revenue center? Overall, the question was quite polarizing. Fifty-three percent of respondents said cost center and 47 percent said revenue center.

Let's explore possible explanations as to why certain marketing teams are perceived as a revenue center instead of a cost center. And perhaps this will inspire ideas for your marketing organization.

I have yet to meet a company only doing account-based marketing (ABM). If a company is doing ABM, it doesn't mean they completely stop doing demand generation. We’re no different at Bizible. That’s one reason I coined the term account-based demand. After a long run of exclusively doing demand generation, we started to see the value of ABM when our average deal size reached about $24,000 of yearly revenue. Because we now do both ABM and demand generation, we think of about measurement of the two holistically: company growth is always the eventual goal of our marketing and the best way to measure that is with revenue. Before we get too deep in the measurement of our marketing, let’s first look at how we do marketing. For ABM specifically, we have a number of marketing technologies which are critical to our execution success.

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