Jakob Marovt

Jakob Marovt is a co-founder and CMO of Pipetop, the fastest and easiest way to top up your sales pipeline with data-qualified prospects.


Oh, boy - it’s a scary time to be setting up Adwords campaign for a SaaS company.

In basically every major SaaS market, there are established players spending a ton of money on every click. Not because it necessarily makes math sense for them, but because they can spend it on bringing in that additional 10% of incremental revenue.

For example, there are north of 200 CRM vendors and CPC on generic keywords can go up to $25. Single click. It’s really hard to make the math work at this price if you’re not a major brand player and really don’t care if you pay 3 to 4 years in LTV on Adwords.

So, the only obvious way is to get super creative!