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It’s no surprise that attribution models are a popular topic of discussion among B2B marketers. The model that a marketing team chooses affects how they assess their campaigns, report their results, and show their contribution to their organization’s bottom line.

What types of models are the most popular? Which models tend to show the best results? Do results really differ enough between models to make a difference? Original data from the 2017 State of Pipeline Marketing survey can help shed some light on the answers to these questions.


B2B marketing attribution is an established piece of martech in today’s technology landscape, but marketers are left wondering about the comprehensive ROI of an attribution solution. How much value would it really provide?

We don’t claim to speak for all attribution software, but we think Bizible’s attribution solution has proven to yield exceedingly high return-on-investment.


Attempting B2B marketing optimizations without accurate analytics is like flying blind. But which B2B analytics platforms are best equipped for certain types of measurement? And especially when a marketer is focused on down-funnel results, which optimization practices can help to achieve those revenue goals and KPIs?

We’ll discuss nine methods that B2B analytics can be used to optimize marketing strategies. All of these optimizations rely on accurate, granular data that serves to educate marketers’ decision-making practices.


Marketing funnel metrics are always at the forefront of a B2B marketer’s mind. We’re constantly looking at conversion rates, cost data, social shares, open rates, and click-throughs -- just to name a few. While different teams focus on different metrics (because we’re all running different marketing strategies), how do all of these metrics compare to each other?

Take a look at this matrix of 31 marketing funnel metrics to see which ones your team uses, as well as which ones would be worth adding to your reports. The matrix also shows which buyer journey stages the metrics measures, the type of data the metric produces, and the martech solution(s) responsible for generating the metric.


With the myriad of available B2B marketing engagement opportunities, which strategies should marketers use, and at what point in the buying journey? At which of the marketing funnel stages are prospects prepared for various types of outreach?

Here are 25 different engagement tactics, organized by funnel stage, and designated by category -- content, social, paid media, direct mail, and events. If you’re looking to bolster your marketing strategy across the board (or just at one specific funnel stage), these tactics can help boost prospect, lead, and/or opportunity engagement.


While account-based marketing has generated a lot of buzz recently, it’s also surrounded by a fair amount of skepticism. 

Doubters wonder whether the strategy is actually as new, as effective, and as ‘easy’ as proponents tout it to be. We’re big fans of account-based marketing, but we understand that it’s not a walk in the park to make the switch from demand generation to ABM.


The reality that B2B marketers can have a huge impact on real-time revenue results is not a new concept to today’s B2B marketing community. But the question remains -- how do marketers actually generate revenue? 

Which metrics are B2B marketers using? What does their channel mix look like? Which channel has the highest impact on revenue generation? What percentage of organizations invest in account-based marketing, and if so, to what degree? See the answers to these questions and more via the infographic below.


Are you sold on the merits of an account-based marketing strategy, but you don’t know how to secure the budget needed to implement a plan? There are several ways to approach the question of budget for a new ABM plan within your marketing organization.

Most companies don’t make a complete switch overnight. Instead, they progressively move small percentages of their marketing initiatives to ABM. While some organizations move faster than others, it’s important to be sensitive to your company’s needs, culture, and ideologies. Turtle or hare? It doesn’t matter, but here are some ways to sell on the budget issue within your organization.