Michael Steinberg

Michael Steinberg is the Head of Business Development at Beamium, a platform to capture leads and smart statistics through online presentations. Graduated from the Master in Business Administration and Technology at the Technical University in Munich, he has worked with various start-ups in Germany and Latin America focusing on the business development, online marketing and social entrepreneurship fields.

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The celebrated co-founder of HP, David Packard, once said: “marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” Many marketers will jump immediately from their seats and label this as an utter blasphemy. Nonetheless, the truth is that Packard is right (up to a certain extent). Marketing is way too important to be left ONLY to the marketing department. This is where things get interesting.

So, who else should handle the marketing activities of a company? How about marketing’s other half, sales. Should marketing then also get involved into sales activities? Of course! Sales and marketing are two of the main pillars of every business. They are the salt and pepper of the perfect business recipe: too much of one and too little of the other will result in disaster. The key lies in finding the perfect combination. For some years now a trend has been taking place: a narrowing gap between marketing and sales activities.