When B2B marketers think of account-based marketing, what first comes to mind is identifying target accounts and personalizing campaigns to engage key personas within those accounts. While these are important, this is all just part of the “land” phase: closing new customers.

What often goes overlooked is the importance of the “expand” phase—doing marketing to existing customers to make sure that more people on the customer side are actively using and getting value from your product or service. According to a report by analyst firm, TOPO, two of the greatest benefits of account-based marketing compared traditional marketing are: overall lifetime value (LTV) and upsells and cross-sells.


Charts, frameworks, and other organized forms of visualizations are a great way to learn and better understand marketing. That’s why we’ve been working hard to create more of them -- like this B2B marketing sophistication framework and this ABM orchestration template.

ABM, as a marketing concept, is relatively new and complicated. There are tons of elements, from lists and demand channels to content and measurement. It can be hard to sort them all out in your head.

That’s why we built the Periodic Table of ABM Elements. It’s a way to visualize and organize each part of ABM that's fun and memorable. Using the individual elements, you can start to build your ABM campaigns and see exactly what each campaign requires.

multi touch attribution

In the complex B2B buyer journey, marketers understand that it’s important to reach prospects across multiple channels. We want to be where our audience is, and today, pretty much everyone is everywhere -- social, search, email, events, etc.

However, until now, we haven’t seen much data that specifically supports the down-funnel impact of cross-channel marketing for B2B marketers. So we decided to look at our data to better understand how our leads, opportunities, and customers interact with our marketing channels.

Paid Search

I love Bing Ads. Maybe it’s because I used to work at Microsoft on Bing, but looking at the evidence, Bing Ads is under represented in the world of paid search. 

In this post I’ll walk you through importing your campaigns and sharing some data on how we increased our PPC leads using Bing Ads.  

We previously wrote about why B2B marketers should care about Bing Ads. It provides an overview of why you should give Bing Ads serious consideration if you're a marketer.