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The Rise of Account Based Thinking

Within the world of sales and marketing over the last two to three years, account-based thinking has risen to prominence as a top-of-mind initiative. Analyst firm TOPO recently reported that 80% of all client inquiries are related to account-based topics. Advisory firm SiriusDecisions called Account-Based Marketing a “must have,” in 2015, revealing that nearly all (92%) companies surveyed recognize the value in ABM. Even the online search activity around “account based marketing” has grown almost 10X since 2013.

Revenue-minded B2B leaders have always sought out tactics that will land more of the big deals, the ones that include long, complex sales cycles. But account-based thinking is not a shiny object that should be ignored until the next trend comes along. As B2B marketers and sales team face increased pressure to deliver results to their organizations, the account-based mindset has finally begun to earn the recognition it deserves as a surefire way of driving growth, as it has for years. Why? Because it’s perfectly suited for B2B.

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