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Chris Collins is the Head of Marketing at ChilliPrinting, a leading online printing company that offers cheap and premium-quality offset printing products in the USA. He is in charge of online and offline marketing strategy, customer relationship management and support.

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How To Measure The ROI Of Print Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy quickly gaining traction among B2B marketers. By bringing sales and marketing together and developing unique strategies for specific key accounts, firms can be more focused, personal and creative in their communications with prospects.

Print materials are important ingredients for every type of direct mail campaign.

To help organizations stand out among the countless emails and calls their prospects receive everyday, print marketing offers a fresh and cost-effective way to advertise and increase awareness of your business.

However, even though print marketing offers value, it can be tricky to calculate its exact value. To improve your print campaigns and get insights for your ABM strategy, you’ll have to measure the ROI of print marketing.  

In this post we will discuss several tactics for measuring the reach of your print advertising material, and the ROI of printed flyers, custom posters and other print products.  

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