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Although we’ve stated in the past that leads goals are dead, that doesn’t mean that we think demand generation isn’t an important function of every B2B marketing team. Without new prospects filling the pipeline, the business dies. At Bizible, we believe that filling the funnel with the right, high-quality prospects is much more valuable than a leads goal that can be met by attracting unqualified visitors who have zero chance of purchasing your product.

A focus on pipeline marketing means that you’re attracting prospects with a high possibility to turn into customers. You optimize for opportunities and revenue, instead of leads and MQLs. Demand generation will always be a necessary part of B2B marketing, but it must continue to evolve to provide the highest level ROI and positively impact the company’s bottom line.

Here are nine articles to help your marketing team drive revenue and get the most out of its demand generation efforts.


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3 Skills Demand Generation Marketers Must Master or Risk Going Extinct

Today’s marketer can no longer simply focus on seeing what’s happening in front of them. They have to be able to use that information and identify the path that leads took to become opps and customers. The skill of the generating more demand is based on being able identify these probabilities amongst campaigns and personas. Read More

Demand Gen vs. ABM Engagement Reporting- Ranking Your Best Content

For most B2B marketers who are investing in content and an inbound marketing strategy, the primary measurement of success is based on lead or demand generation. On the other hand, account-based marketing is predicated on the ability to engage an established list of target accounts and contacts. It’s engagement reporting.

Essentially, demand generation reporting is based on lead count, while ABM engagement reporting is based on touchpoints count. Read More

Optimizing Marketing Channel Mix for Revenue and ROI

Finding the ideal marketing channel mix is a continuous challenge for demand generation directors. Where should you invest? And how often should you reassess where you are investing? What metrics should you be using to determine which channels get more investment?

To find the best channel mix, marketers must measure and analyze how each channel is driving both revenue and ROI. Read More

7 B2B Marketing Metrics that Demystify Growth and Drive Revenue

Demand generation is about building a strong foundation and being able to plan ahead. Good B2B marketing metrics allow you to do just that. In this post, we show you the metrics that allow demand generation marketers to measure their impact and identify opportunities to generate revenue. Read More

Here’s How 5 Marketing Leaders Built B2B Revenue Engines (And You Can Too)

Seeing and hearing from successful marketers is invaluable. That’s why we pay attention to demand generation marketing leaders when they share their successes. In this post we present 5 key pieces of advice on growth, revenue, and hiring in demand generation. These are key takeaways from growth marketers and B2B demand generation veterans. Read More

5 Seriously Effective Demand Generation Tactics You Can’t Ignore

When you’re growing a company it’s doing the little things right that matter. There’s content marketing, then there’s content marketing that creates product demand. There’s lead generation, then there’s lead generation that creates paying customers, or as we call it, pipeline marketing.

In today’s post, leading inbound marketers share with you tactics, data and examples of what works when it comes to generating demand. Read More

How Demand Generation Marketers Get The Most Accurate Online Conversion Data

Marketers get online conversion data from every advertising platform they use. This creates a need for a third party platform to help marketers measure online conversion data from multiple sources.  

Without the ability to distinguish which prospects converted, and when the conversion happened, marketers can't see what's happening in their marketing funnels. This is where marketing attribution comes into play. Read More

4 Components of a B2B Content Marketing and Demand Gen Machine [Part 1] and [Part 2]

How do we optimize our time so that we can make more money? That’s what B2B content marketing and demand gen attempts to solve.

These four components are intended to take you leaps and bounds beyond where you are right now. We didn’t want to hand you ‘four easy steps’ because it’s the hard work that takes you the distance. Read More