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Dreamforce 2015 was a year-end highlight for Salesforce users across the globe. As a SaaS company with a product on the Salesforce App Exchange, we felt it was important for us to make a splash at Dreamforce. As the #DF15 hashtags lit up everyone’s social media channels, our Bizible reps were donning their blue flags and battery backpacks. It was time to charge some phones.


Taylor Carlson and Alex Jackman, two of our Bizible reps, spent their time at Dreamforce charging attendees’ cell phones. 

They spent a cumulative six hours every day out and about Moscone using their charging backpacks to pass out battery life. With two charging packs and eight charging lines a piece, they had lots of life to give and lots of time to talk.


Why Did We Want to Charge Your Phone?

We wanted our presence at Dreamforce to be illustrative of Bizible’s purpose in the marketing space. As a B2B marketing attribution software company, our goal is to solve a marketer’s most difficult problem -- attributing their marketing activities directly to revenue. So, at Dreamforce, we wanted to follow suit and solve a problem that people deal with every day.

Attendees knew that their ‘2pm low-battery warning’ was approaching. The Bizible charging stations were able to dish out some extra phone juice and keep hundreds of attendees’ phones from powering down before their Dreamforce day had come to a close.

It wasn’t about a door prize, it wasn’t about a contest, and it wasn’t about a lucky person who goes home with an iPad. It was about charging someone’s phone so they could stay connected during the event. That’s why Taylor and Alex walked about Moscone flying their blue flags for hours on end, standing out in a sea of suits

Where Did The Idea Start?

There’d been some talk about whether we needed to bite the bullet and buy a $50,000 booth. But our resourceful Danny Kisch suggested a different plan that would help a team on the ground at Dreamforce to connect with a good number of attendees without Bizible needing to sponsor the event directly.

We knew we weren’t the first people to wear backpack chargers and hand out some extra phone juice, but it turned out to be a stunt that few attendees had seen before.

The mobile charging stations did slightly change our approach to the event, turning it into a brand awareness activity as opposed to a decision-stage campaign. While the team talked to a lot of people, we didn’t set a demo goal.

Overall, the charging stations were considered a smashing success, as our Bizible reps charged hundreds of phones and reached thousands of attendees with our brand. This gave us more reach than a booth for a tenth of the cost.

Does it Work to be Scrappy?

Even though we do have dollars in the bank account, we can’t throw money at every problem. But the underlying question remains -- does being scrappy work?

We would say yes.

You don’t have to spend money on everything. You don’t have to throw your wallet at the feet of the largest event in your industry. You don’t have to buy loads of swag or a booth with your name on it. You just have to be creative and find those niche activities that will generate an equal amount of attention.

These scrappy, resourceful ploys look different for different businesses in different industries, so it’s up to you to create a stunt that will work for your company. Speaking of which...


Billboard Air Cover During Dreamforce

We were doing more than charging phones during Dreamforce in order to provide air cover to our team on the ground. Two Bizible Billboards were up in San Francisco -- one was a couple blocks from Moscone, and the other was along the 101. Aside from the main goal of upping brand recognition, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of our biggest San Francisco based customers -- Optimizely, MongoDB, Okta, Xamarin, and OpenDNS.


These excellent companies are some of our strongest advocates, and Bizible wouldn’t be what it is today without our customers’ support and promotion of our product and methodology.

If you’ve seen our billboard before, during, or after the Dreamforce event, let us know by tweeting out!

During our team debrief, we concluded that we would definitely repeat our stunt with the charging stations. Our runners on the ground had a blast, and it was an all-around successful strategy. While sponsorship is a good option, it isn’t the only option -- being creative and resourceful in a way that boosts your brand and communicates your company’s mission is great way to go.

And if you’re ever in the Seattle area and lose your phone charging cord, just stop by the Bizible office -- we have sixteen extras.