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Several recent reports have found that a significant amount of B2B marketers are currently taking a hard look at attribution. Whether they’re looking to implement attribution for the first time or looking to upgrade their attribution solution, it’s a critical area of research.

According to the State of Pipeline Marketing Report 2016 which was published in November, 30.2% of B2B marketers reported that they were planning on changing their attribution model in the next 6 months and a further 42.4% said that they were unsure. AdRoll’s State of Performance Marketing 2017 confirms this sentiment, finding that 57% of marketers are changing their attribution model this year. They are even declaring 2017 “the REAL year of attribution.”


If you’re currently looking into B2B marketing attribution, it’s because you want to accurately measure how your marketing efforts, no matter where they take place in the funnel, are impacting the business metrics that matter, like pipeline and revenue, and even win rates and velocity. 

Even before seriously evaluating specific attribution solutions, marketers need a deep understanding of attribution and attribution best practices. What touchpoints should be tracked? What prospect behaviors can be tracked? What data should be attached to each touchpoint? Where does that data come from? This information is the foundation of attribution—it’s fundamental to the accuracy and usefulness of attribution data, so B2B marketers need to know how these work. 

And once an attribution solution creates this data warehouse, how does it surface insights? What attribution models should B2B marketers use and when? To figure out which attribution model is appropriate, marketers need to start by understanding the question that they want answered. What are they measuring and what data will answer that question? 

These are tough, but critical questions. As the research shows, understanding attribution and its role in your marketing process is more important than ever. We also know that marketers are as busy as ever—you don’t have time to comb through dozens of resources to patch together the full picture.

This is why we created our latest white paper: Best Practices for B2B Marketing Attribution. In a tight 16-page package, it’s the most comprehensive yet concise resource available on the subject. To quickly gain a solid understanding of attribution, download the white paper.