absurd auto accessories

Unlike the auto industry, aftermarket accessories for Salesforce can actually add value to the original package. With more than 2,200 apps built to make make business more efficient, Salesforce is the perfect CRM to accessorize.

Salesforce has created an open ecosystem which allows companies to add functionality to the CRM. In the AppExchange, companies big and small offer their apps up for sale. Salesforce has apps for optimizing any part of your funnel to solve almost any pain point.

Here are four lesser-known marketing apps that can boost your sales pipeline.

1. Campaign Calendar

Today, marketing to your prospects consists of messaging through multiple channels, events, trade shows, drip campaigns, all while coordinating product launches and promotions. Have you ever wished you had a critical path calendar for all of your marketing campaigns?  

Campaign Calendar solves the problem with a color coded, interactive calendar which helps your team collaborate effectively during simultaneous marketing campaigns. The Salesforce campaign calendar updates automatically and in real-time for you and your team. And it even uses Campaign List Views to build custom, filtered calendars for specific audiences.

Rescheduling campaigns is a snap using the drag-and-drop functionality. It can be time consuming to coordinate with your team when campaigns are rescheduled, but not with Campaign Calendar. Once you change the dates in your calendar, your entire team will see the update.

On the initial install, Campaign Calendar works with your existing Salesforce campaigns to automatically insert them into the Calendar, all without any data migration or configuration. 

2. Soapbox Mailer

Soapbox Mailer is an easy, affordable way to send and analyze mass mails from inside SalesForce. It offers real-time analytics on each campaign, including data for opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. It doesn't require an import/export of data to manage email lists.  Emails are created and managed using the Salesforce Campaigns object. 

Along with email list management, Soapbox can identify brand advocates by tracking who shares your links and the effectiveness of that share.  Once a brand advocate is identified, it's easy to include them in your most important (or every) email campaign.

Soapbox has its own html email formatting tool, which is a life saver compared to the clunky stock formatter.

If you've ever searched for an affordable email marketing solution or struggled with email list management, email creation, tracking or the mass mailing feature of Salesforce, take a look at Soapbox Mailer.

3. Tango Card

My mom taught me to mind my P's and Q's (Pleases and Thank Qs) in all aspects of life.  In marketing, saying "thank you" will keep your brand at top-of-mind for your loyal customers. They'll rave to their friends about your personal touch, creating new referral customers.

Loyalty marketing company, Tango Card, lets you say "thanks" right inside Salesforce. Efficiently send gift cards from top retailers to any of your Salesforce contacts by simply selecting the list of lucky clients. Tango Card will send the cards by email or snail mail using the information found in Salesforce.  

Here's the process:

  1. Look up a contact or lead
  2. Choose a gift card or a physical greeting card
  3. Write a note
  4. Click send

Tango cards are versatile. The card value can be donated to charity or redeemed for cash, in case your contacts aren't interested in one of the 16 major retailers offered by the service.

Cost: FREE - No charge to integrate with Salesforce and you only pay for what you purchase. For example, if you buy a $5 card, you pay $5. No hidden fees here.

4. Bizible Marketing Analytics 

Back in 2007, Salesforce and Google teamed up to integrate marketing data with our favorite CRM. The Salesforce for Google Adwords (SFGA) app was born, which provided detailed adwords data for each web-to-lead form submission. Over 20,000 organizations worked with the platform to assess the ROI of their Adwords campaigns. However in May 2013, the two companies parted ways.

Bizible stepped in to fill the void by creating a Salesforce for Google Adwords replacement for the complete set of features to allow companies to make profitable marketing decisions based on revenue. 

  1. Drill deep on AdWords ROI at the campaign, ad group, ad content, and keyword level, so you can measure and make data-driven decisions based on revenue
  2. Report Google Analytics UTM parameters directly in Salesforce, which makes evaluating ANY online marketing campaigns easy.
  3. Arm your sales team with the marketing information they need to close more opportunities.