You may have heard that a good link building campaign is good for SEO, but how exactly does it benefit your SEO efforts? Let’s talk about why link building is important.

The short answer to why local link building is important is easy; getting links to your site on other websites is good for SEO. But the more in-depth answer is a bit more complex. Part of Google’s algorithm takes into account PageRank, a system of points awarded to links on websites that link back to your site. Every webpage indexed by Google is given a score from 0-10, based on their authority. A great place to find the PageRank score for any given web page is For example, big news websites like has a PageRank worth of 9/10, so getting a link on the homepage would be really good for the search algorithm of your site. Deeper pages in a website will have different PageRank based on the popularity of the page. Some subpages have pretty good PageRank scores. For example, in social media; my Twitter page has a PageRank of 3/10, which is actually pretty good for a page that one person controls. I also get access to putting my own link on that page, permanently. Linkedin profile pages, have a history of having pretty good PageRank scores, if they are viewed often. And with Linkedin, you have the opportunity for 3 links with a controllable anchor text. Below is a screen shot of what looks like. 

check page rank

What is a good link for SEO? That’s tricky, as Google claims that different links have different point attribution. There are two types of links, “nofollow” and “dofollow”. Apparently, “nofollow” links are not as good for SEO, but good for marketing in spreading brand awareness and site traffic. The nofollow-dofollow distinction occurs in the HTML of links that are on websites. In the rel= ‘_’ section of the HTML, sites either include rel=nofollow, rel=dofollow, or they don’t include anything (which is the same as “rel=dofollow”). Nofollow links are not ‘followed’ by Google, meaning that they are not indexed, and therefore don’t have as much of a point value associated with them. It’s still not known for sure how Google actually treats nofollow links, but they do offer some benefit to SEO as well as offer larger non-SEO benefits such as brand awareness, site traffic, and general marketing.

Basically, link building is a process of networking with the rest of the internet. For SEO, you want to get as many dofollow links as you can, with a mix of nofollow’s in there just to be safe. This will in turn increase your value in Google’s search algorithm, increasing your ranking in search results, and ultimately leading to more business from web traffic. There are many ways you can get these links, from guest blogging to link exchange.

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