As we talked about before, Link Building is a great, and pretty important way to increase your search ranking as a part of an SEO campaign. It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of link building, but we’ve gathered a list of 9 things you can do to build links in places that you might not have thought about, or at least recognized the importance of. So, here’s the list.


Joining the conversation on blogs and forums

Create a profile or account with industry-related blogs and forums and leave comments with links to your site. Try to add value to the conversation with every post you make as well. If the site has a profile aspect, make sure that you take the opportunity to link to your sites. If you can control the anchor text (the words that carry the link), use your keywords! 

Picture based social sites like Pinterest

Actively pinning pictures from your website to Pinterest or other sites that allow you to have a backlink gives you many free linking opportunities that can spread all over the web. Make sure you pin from the web, not uploading them from your computer, though. Also, always double check your backlinks! Take the time to fill out your profile here as well, if you can put up a link to your website, do it. This can also be a great place to market your business as well. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites out there with a lot of sharing activity. If you have great photos of your product, upload them from your site to your Pinterest account.

Networking and business clubs  

By joining business clubs such as BBB, BNI, and Greater Seattle Business Association etc…you’ll get an opportunity to have a link on their website as a member. Also, use your personal network with people in your city. Engage in a link exchange with friends and business partners. Many of you are already engaging in these clubs, so use them to your advantage. This is a great place to meet other local businesses that are likely interested in building their online presence as well, so link exchanging is probably in the cards. 

Social media accounts 

Use your Linkedin and Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts to your advantage! Linking your website from these places not only helps with PageRank, but it also spreads your brand and news about your company. On Linkedin, you can edit the anchor text of your links as well, so if you have a specific keyword you are ranking for, you can use it here. You also get three links to publish. What we've done is link to our homepage as well as certain landing pages as well. This will help with differentiating your links as well as allow you to work on other keywords. 

Exchanging links for testimonials 
Engage with your vendors, the people you hire for services, or venues you’ve rented out and ask them if you can write a review for them in exchange for a link on their site. They will get to post the testimonial about their service, and you get a link – Win-Win. 

Creating a Wikipedia page/ Citing sources on a Wikipedia article with your site 
Creating a Wikipedia page can become a tough task to maintain, but if you can keep it up and accurate, this is a great Link Building tool. If that’s not your style, consider citing information in industry-related Wikipedia articles using content from your website. Your link will show up at the bottom as a reference.

There are a million other places to build links and other techniques that I haven't talked about. These places to build links are places that you go pretty often in your day-to-day routine that you may not have realized have spectacular link building opportunities. If you are interested in more information on local link building for local businesses, check out our white paper on local link building below!