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People who work in sales are always looking for new and more precise ways to identify how good a lead might be. While sales people can usually judge how warm a lead is on the phone, it’s nearly impossible to gauge interest before making contact. If you’re using Salesforce and a new lead comes in, all you really know about that lead is their contact information.

If you install Bizible Analytics, you’ll be able to gain a ton of new insight about web form leads that can help you gauge interest before you even contact them. This can help you figure out whether a lead is even worth following up with, and prioritizing call backs and follow ups. Specifically, by researching a web lead’s browsing history and activity on your website, you can start to measure just how engaged that person is.

Looking at Lead’s Path Through Your Website

With Bizible Analytics, you can now see detailed information about a lead that can help you follow up and figure out how qualified they are. Biible's Lead Insight's will tell you exactly what pages on your website the lead visited prior to filling out your web form, how many times they visited your site, how long ago they visited, and how much time they spent on each page. By focusing on leads that view your site frequently, stay on your site longer than others, or those that visited key product or information pages, you can figure out how interested they are.

 Screen shot: Shows browsing history of a lead in the Salesforce.

salesforce screenshot

Similarly, you can filter out leads that might be totally dead. For example, although a lead visited your site a couple times and spent a good deal on your site, if one of the pages they visited the most was the ‘careers’ page they’re probably a job hunter and not a qualified lead.

Strategize your Response

By collecting a lead’s web browsing history, you can tailor your response based on what you think they might be interested in – particular products or services, locations, etc. However, since most people don’t like the idea of people knowing their browsing history, try to be subtle with your approach and highlight related topics in a fluid way.

You can also segment leads by type of pages they visited – by particular service or product pages, general information leads, job hunters, etc. Definitely don’t discount any leads that don’t spend as much time on your site as others, because they might be just as valuable. However, collecting this data is just another layer of insight you can get into your leads’ intentions, level of interest, and how to follow up with them effectively.