Guest post by Gabriel Gervelis

All companies who utilize lead-tracking services like Salesforce should be allocating a good deal of time toward analyzing their lead data for indicators of interest and targeting – that should go without saying. However, have you been forgetting about your closed sales? Many companies close the book on customers once they make a purchase, however continually analyzing the behavior of a closed sale can help you with remarketing and retargeting leads.

Sorting Your Lead/Sales Data

You already know that someone who’s converted from a lead to a sale already has an interest in your company. Subtracting a (hopefully small) number of outlying instances of unhappy customers, or customers who would no longer buy something from you because of uncontrollable factors (relocation, different job, etc), there’s a good chance that a segment of your buyers would buy again – provided your business isn’t based on a one-time-only kind of product.

If you use Bizible B2B marketing analytics, you’ll get the data you need to sort leads and closed sales into remarketing opportunities. You can segment lead data by open or closed business, and then determine the metrics that are valuable to you for the particular products or services you’re trying to remarket. For example, you can segment closed sales by time spent on web pages, and filter out users who have spent more time on a particular product or service page that you’re remarketing. Similarly, you can sort leads by the keyword phrase they used to find your website to begin with, and target specific advertising to those users that compliment what they were searching for. Perhaps they bought a product based on that search phrase and you’re able to offer them a complimentary product, or suggest an upsell in the future.The combinations of metrics and lead populations go on and on.

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Give Attention to Closed Sales

By giving some attention to your closed sales in addition to your leads, you can squeak out extra business from a group of people that have already liked you enough to buy once. Speaking in lead terms, closed sales can sometimes be red-hot leads, especially if you offer products or service that compliment what they’ve already bought. Try to dedicate time periodically to go through your closed sales and brainstorm ways in which you can remarket to them.

Use Strategy when Remarketing

Be careful not to annoy your customers when remarketing. Use strategy to avoid marketing duplicate products to the one they’ve already purchased, or targeting them too much. If your approach to remarketing is sloppy, it’s not going to be effective, and might backfire on your reputation. When remarketing, look at the sales funnel from the customer’s point of view – especially the point of view of someone who has already completed that sales funnel. By opening up closed sales and other leads that might seem cold, you can find tons of new opportunities for repeat business and upselling. Spend some time in SalesForce and the Salesforce Marketing Analytics plugin to see what valuable insight you can discover in these leads.