Guest post by Andy Culbertson, Digital Marketing Advisor at Into The Wild Marketing

Text ads are the lifeblood of most Google AdWords campaigns. Your success depends on them. But with endless competition, it’s hard to get those clicks and conversions. Thankfully, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write compelling copy. You just have to stand out. Here are four, easily implemented tips for improving your text ads.

Embrace The Fear

Two major factors motivate your potential customers: the benefit of gain and the fear of loss. Sometimes one is more dominant than the other. Sometimes it’s an even mix, but too often marketers focus solely on the benefits. Sure, a risk-free trial and low-cost shipping are great, but remind me what I stand to lose. Zeroing in on that fear makes skipping your ad a risk.

Not this:                                                                                 But this:

andy blog image2




andy blog image1







Don’t Forget The Numbers

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but numbers are just as important. If you have prices, percentages, or inventories, make sure they find a way into your ad. Numbers catch the eye and communicate a level of specificity words cannot match. Placement is also important. If possible, put those valuable numbers at the beginning or end of your lines for maximum impact. 

Not this:                                                                                    But this:

andy blog image4andy blog image3