Guest post by Chris Vendilli, Founder of ProFromGo Internet Marketing

If AdWords is the only Google service that comes to mind when exploring ideas to elevate your business online and increase efficiencies, you may be missing the boat. 


Here are 4 other ways Google wants to help your business run smoother and reach more customers online:

 1.     Google+ Local

Google+ Local is the socially enabled replacement to the former Google Places. A few ninja tips to get the most out of Google+ Local for your business include filling out all details completely, uploading some good quality photos of your business, and merging a Google+ Business Page for your business with the Google+ Local page for your business. This can have a big impact on local search ranking factors and definitely shouldn’t be ignored. There are lots of companies out there that can provide hands-on assistance and consulting with your Google+ Local setup and social strategy.

 2.     Google Authorship

While you’re tinkering on Google+ I’d encourage business owners to start using their websites as a platform to share thought leadership and innovation within their market/niche along with relevant news for your company. If you create a personal Google+ profile there are some steps you can take to setup Google Authorship on your blog or website so that you can start accumulating some of that authorship rank that Google may start keeping tabs on and give more weight to relatively soon.

 3.     Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for business has become a must-have for our company and I recommend it to clients almost daily.  The cost is the first thing most business owners hone in on initially so it’s $50 per user per year and you’ll need to likely pay an agency or consultant to set it up for you if you have limited technical skills. However, $50 per user for a year’s worth of this Googley goodness is a complete no brainer. You get file sharing and collaboration tools for working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs), video conferencing capabilities with Google+ and much more. Oh I almost forgot… the most hassle free, well-supported, and user friendly email and calendaring tools with deep support and great documentation that makes setting up mobile devices and getting answers when you need them about as straightforward as possible.

 4.     Google Business Photos

This is a great option for brick and mortar businesses, restaurants, and any company that has a little flavor and décor to show off. You’ve likely seen Google “street view” on Google Maps before, but did you know that you can do a “street view style” interior virtual tour of your business that can be added to your company’s Google+ Local page as well as Google Maps? You can also embed a Google powered virtual tour on your website and share it on social media.  Pricing for this service varies because Google allows trained and certified sub-contractors called “Google Trusted Photographers” to provide this service to local businesses and pricing is negotiated directly between the business owner and the sub-contractor you choose. You can learn more about Google Business Photos and/or find a Google Trusted Photographer in your area to explore this option further if it’s a good fit for your business.

There you have it, 4 simple ways Google can help your business grow.  Take advantage of each of these Google products and services that are a good fit for your specific business to extend your company’s reach online.

Author Bio:  Chris is the founder of ProFromGo Internet Marketing and is an authorized Google Apps Reseller, as well as a certified Google Trusted Photographer.  Chris likes traveling, hockey, and all things related to digital marketing.