Guest Post by Vadim Kotin, founder of Vancouver SEO Company VN Web Group.

Social media is continually evolving and remains prominent in society today. Although many companies are still hesitant and think that it’s just a phase, social media isn’t going away anytime soon (Facebook was founded almost 10 years ago!). It’s time for businesses to start realizing this reality and to implement a solid social media strategy into their marketing plan. By developing a proper social media plan, businesses can increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty and generate new leads. Still skeptical? Here are 5 ways that social media can help your business: 



1. Relationship Building - A constant connection between a business and their customers is achieveable thanks to social media. By allowing open, 2-way communication, customers are more likely to trust and stick with a company. Social media channels also give businesses a medium to humanize their brand by posting photos of employee events and community involvement. The public will see the faces behind the business and connect on a more personal, less corporate level. Social media channels also provide a forum for a customer feedback, and if your business is on top of their social media strategy, outstanding customer service.


2. Website Traffic - Social media gives businesses an outlet to post relevant, interesting information about their company and direct customers back to their website. Posting about new promotions, products, deals, blogs etc. will continually keep customers engaged with the brand and bring them back to their website. The end result will likely be a conversion, lead or spark some interest in the brand.

3. Search Engine Optimizatin - By creating accounts on a number of different social media sites and posting relevant, engaging content, it will help place a business higher in search engine page rankings. Twitter retweets, Facebook likes and shares and Google+1s are now all accounted for in search engine rankings. Considering how valuable it is for a website to have a high search engine ranking, this is something your business does not want to miss out on.

4. Engagement - Social media allows businesses to reach out and engage with existing customers, potential customers and other companies that are interested in the brand. Post interesting articles or questions to start a conversation and join that conversation. By keeping these groups engaged, it will keep your business top of mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision. 

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5. Stay Relevant - It's becoming more and more common nowadays for people to look up a business's social media sites when researching a product or company. By staying on top of your social media presence, it can give your business a competitive advantage to positively influence a consumer's decision. Social media business pages that are live but inactive or no social media presence are major hindreances to the public as the company will be preceived as lazy or uninterested in engaging with their customers.

If your business hasn't implemented a social media strategy, it's not too late to start. Although it can be time consuming and daunting if you're not familiar with social media, it will absolutely benefit your business in the long run. 


About the Author: Vadim Kotin is the founder of cancouver SEO company VN Web Group, aompany specializing in organic search engine optimization and paid advertising. You can find more information on search engine optimization and related topics by visiting his site VN Web Group.