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Even though the days are getting shorter, we haven’t slowed down one bit. Today we’re happy to announce the availability of 6, yes SIX, new features from custom stages to Google Image Ads support to device and geography reporting.

1. Custom Salesforce Stages: AdWords Pipeline can now pull in custom Salesforce stages to more accurately give you a snapshot on how your campaign is performing. This allows Bizible to better forecast ROI for deals still in the pipeline by analyzing historical conversion rates between each opportunity stage.  Please contact us if you would like to add custom stages to your account.sales funnel

2. Google Image Ads and Template Ads Support: In addition to text ads, Bizible now supports Google Image Ads and Template Ads for both the Google Display Network and Google Search (where available). Just like text ads, we’ll bring in the campaign, ad group, etc into Salesforce custom objects. Please contact us if you would like to turn on Image or Template Ads in your account.

3. Device and Geography: There are four new custom Bizible fields: device, city, region (state), and country which are attached to the lead, opportunity, contact, and case.To get these fields, just update to the latest package on the AppExchange and then add them to your page layouts.device and geography salesforce

4. Cross Domain Support: If you have multiple websites, you’ll be happy to know that cross domain support has been released. Bizible can now track your customer’s behavior across multiple domains.  Please contact us if you would like to add additional sites to your account.

5 & 6: We’ve also rolled out Microsoft Account login for Bing Ads and now support Baidu, Naver, and Daum for organic search reporting in Lead Insights.

Not a Bizible user yet? We forgive you...  Bizible closes the loop between online marketing and real sales data, so you can see how each lead discovered your site (and what they viewed before converting) and optimize your paid media by ROI. Get started today by learning more or requesting a demo.