Check out how Lisa and the Forta team are using Bizible reports to optimize their lead management across domains.

Lisa Mariani is a Marketing Assistant at FORTA Corportion. Forta-Ferro specializes in synthetic concrete reinforcement products.

“Bizible’s cross domain made it easy for me to track the performance of our websites and know what areas needed to be adjusted for optimal results” – Lisa Mariani 

Forta-Ferro has three different websites for each of their products. Lisa was having a hard time knowing which websites were bringing in which leads, especially unwanted leads. With Bizible’s cross domain tracking she was able to run reports for each domain.

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Using the Bizible landing page in her lead reports, she knew exactly where qualified and unqualified leads were coming from. With this information she was able to filter out poor leads. She added email verification to each landing page that was generating unwanted leads. This feature verified each email domain entered was correct and only allowed real customers to submit the forms. This kept their database clean and saved Lisa a great amount of time and resources. 

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