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You’ve invested tons of time, resources, and maybe even a bit of cash making great content to drive leads for your company. You’re smart and want to be able to prove to your boss it’s worth it. Many people just simply measure leads / downloads, however that tells an incomplete picture. If you are running paid media, that’s not terribly actionable on what's driving customers either. So what’s the solution?

In this post I’ll walk you through using Bizible to measure effectiveness of content marketing in Salesforce all the way to a closed customer. With this knowledge, you can show exactly how much new business content marketing is bringing and also optimize your marketing and media for what’s bringing in customers, not just leads.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you aren’t already is to make sure that all your ads include UTM parameters. Google even has a handy tool for building UTMified URLs. Make sure to test each link and jot them down in a spreadsheet so you can reference back if needed.

Next is to get the UTM data in Salesforce and that's where Bizible comes in. Here's an example for ads on LinkedIn for content downloads. In this case, Bizible simply recognizes existing UTM parameters on the ad, and attaches them to the lead when it’s sent to Salesforce, in addition to other information collected, such as website views.


Once all your parameter data is in Salesforce, you’ll be able run custom reports to slice and dice to figure out which campaign, source, ad, etc of your content marketing campaigns is generating your best leads. For example, compare LinkedIn to Twitter, compare different ad types, or which ad copy converts to an opportunity or customer the best.

Take reporting a step further and match your results with your media expenses to calculate return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). If you have a long sales cycle, also look at projected (ROAS) forecasted from the pipeline. (Check out our guide on return-on-ad-spend.)

Want to learn more? Scheduled a demo and we’d be happy to show you what Bizible can do for your content marketing campaigns.

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