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We are pleased to announce that Bizible has integrated with SnapEngage. When a new lead is created in Salesforce from SnapEngage, Bizible appends relevant marketing information to the lead, such as how they found your site (including paid channels), what pages they’ve viewed and other information.

We're a big fan of SnapEngage, both because of their "no robot" approach and the deep Salesforce integration, which is why we use it ourselves. We couldn't be more excited for this feature, and some customers are as well. Here's what two great companies who are using both Bizible and SnapEngage had to say about our integration:

"With the SnapEngage and Bizible integration, we finally see the full picture of where all leads are coming from by marketing source, including those from live chat. The integration is seamless and I use it to drive business decisions." - Richard, FireHost

"It's essential to measure everything in marketing. With Bizible and SnapEngage, I have the ability to track all of my channels with pinpoint granularity or a comprehensive scope." - Comly, CleanEdison