Whether you are a prolific Tweeter or new to this vast social network, you can capitalize upon a wealth of Twitter functions in order to promote your business. Frequently using Twitter can significantly promote your blog and establish your business' online presence and professional reputation. You can harness this enormous online community; sharing your business information in order to entice and engage a larger client base. Listed below are seven ways in which you can use Twitter to effectively promote your business, enabling you to generate more online traffic towards your business site and thereby substantially improve your business' reputation.

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1. Automatically Tweet new business updates

You can organize your business website so that you automatically tweet any updates on your business website to your Twitter followers. This provides an effortless and highly accessible method through which you can connect your business to relevant and popular Twitter streams. You can ensure your regular followers are consistently notified of any new products, services or promotions which your business has to offer. Moreover, this process increases online traffic to your business website and increases your chances of attracting new prospective clients.

2. Twitter Follow Button

Twitter offers numerous functions through which you can efficiently connect your Twitter followers to your business website. For example, you can integrate a Twitter follow button within your business website to enable your potential clients to follow you on Twitter and remain notified of new products or services which your business may offer. If you can keep your customers regularly informed of any changes or new opportunities which your business can provide, they will develop trust and confidence in your business and will be more likely to seek your services and recommend your business to other potential customers.

3. Invite users to comment on your business

If you enable your clients to tweet comments directly onto your business website or blog, then you can exponentially increase the activity and popularity of both your business website and your Twitter account. By equipping your followers with the ability to simultaneously comment on your business website and share these comments on Twitter, it promotes your business to other Twitter users who can subsequently discover your business and seek its services. By enabling this process, you can promote your business to a greater number of potential customers; efficiently presenting your business to a previously inaccessible online market.

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4. Engage with your customers

Following on from point three, now that your potential customers can comment on your site, you can tailor your products and services to suit them. If customers post comments and queries, interact with them so that you can provide them with the product or service which suits their specific requirements. If you converse regularly with your followers, you can learn exactly what your target market wants and subsequently deliver it to them. Moreover, if your followers can communicate directly with you, they can develop trust and confidence with your business. Excellent customer service is the backbone of any successful business and Twitter can facilitate this service for your company; reassuring your customers of the impeccable professionalism and reliability of your business.

5. Tweet original, engaging content

Twitter can be a highly effective way of promoting your business, yet it is crucial that your Tweets are engaging in order to pique and sustain customer interest. If your followers perceive your Tweets as generic advertisements, they will quickly lose interest and navigate elsewhere. Try instead to tweet about topics which are simultaneously thought-provoking and relevant to your business. If you can initiate a debate or discussion amongst followers, you are more likely to encourage these followers to seek your business services. For example, companies such as Realia Marketing and Florist in the Forest use their Twitter pages to discuss current news stories and offers which link back to their business model. Realia discuss marketing strategies whilst Florist in the Forest discuss their flowers. By engaging customers in an interesting topic, they can sustain their interest, develop a relationship and therefore encourage these followers to seek their marketing services.

6. Enable embedded tweets on your business website

You can integrate embedded tweets within your business website which permits your customers to reply and comment on your business site as well as retweeting your business site other potential followers. This offers your business a lucrative opportunity wherein your followers promote your business for you! Furthermore, if your prospective customers interact with your posts via Twitter, you can establish a distinguished online reputation and thus generate a greater amount of online traffic towards your business site.

7. Associate your business with current Twitter trends

Scrutinize the most popular trends currently on Twitter and tailor the content of your business Twitter account accordingly. By doing this, you can affiliate your business with current Twitter trends and boost your company's online popularity. For example, if your business provides mobile phone services; post Twitter comments which reference current Twitter trends surrounding mobile phones. This process allows you to increase online awareness towards your business and its services, permitting you to engage with a larger customer base and encouraging them to check out your business. If you can initially captivate customer interest by utilising trends which they already follow, these potential customers will be more inclined to follow your business on Twitter because it bears relevance to their current interests.