Nowadays, it takes a little more than word-of-mouth to get a business's name out there. In modern times, it's been estimated that 97% of consumers use the internet to research local businesses, and that means you should be on the internet with them if you want to build your brand! Aside from having a website, which is already more likely to receive traffic just by being there, there are several other things you can do as well to increase the reach of your online presence. Creating and maintaining a Google Plus profile is just one of them. Check out what we mean:


For those who believe that Google+ is just another social network, think again! It’s now the world’s second-largest social network. And, if you’re interested in positioning your business as an authority and increasing traffic to your site, then Google+ is the place you need to be!
With that being said, it's simple enough to create an account and say that you have a Google+ profile for your business, but what's the next step? Maintaining an active profile will be an ever-going project, but it's how you connect with others in your industry or niche that will impact the success you get from this social platform.

According to this infographic, Google+ is a great way to find and connect with industry influencers. By strategically sharing content and using the proper formatting (mentions, hashtags, commentary, etc), Google+ offers many features that businesses can take advantage of so that they can expand their reach and build professional relationships.

Author: Nick Rojas