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One of the most requested features since we launched Bizible was for the ability to track any event on a website and add that as a reportable field in Salesforce. Today I’m happy to announce that this feature is finally here! By adding a few extra lines of javascript you can pipe just about anything into Salesforce, helping you make better marketing decisions that increase ROI.

This new feature lets you add event name, value (e.g. variable) and date to the lead, contact, and opportunity layouts, giving you the power to add a lot of data in Salesforce. Here’s an example of Bizible events on a lead:

bizible events

A few use cases for event tracking:

- Send customers an email based on specific triggers, such as a whitepaper download or webinar
- Alert sales when a specific opportunity takes an action, such as views the pricing page
- Mark lead as marketing qualified based on their behavior
- “Roll your own” completely customized lead scoring system

We’ve taken great consideration into the setup process for custom events to make it incredibly straightforward and simple. Here’s sample code to show just how easy it would be to add an event with multiple elements.

// Event with multiple elements
var reportData = {};
reportData['whitepaperDownload'] = "My Latest Definitive Guide";
reportData['loggedInWithFaceBook'] = "True";

There’s so much you can do with custom event tracking, that it’s best to just show you a few examples and let you give it a spin. Click here to request a demo and try it free.