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I’m happy to announce the public availability of Bizible for FormAssembly.

We’re happy to be able to extend the data available to marketing and sales people with this integration of two highly rated applications on the Salesforce AppExchange.

FormAssembly helps you create powerful online forms that connect directly to Salesforce. With FormAssembly, you can create and update multiple standard and custom Salesforce objects, prefill forms with Salesforce data, and much more.

The Bizible integration works on embedded forms, including forms that are in an iframe. Getting started is simple as us flipping a switch once you are a customer of both FormAssembly and Bizible.

Here’s a sampling of data fields Bizible collects, which can easily be sliced and diced in Salesforce reports:


If you’re a current customer of Bizible, just open a support ticket to enable the feature.  If you’re not a customer yet, request a demo to start your trial. Finally, if you would like to give FormAssembly a try, fill this out or reach out to us for an introduction.