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At the basis of every good marketing program is a deep understanding of the target customer. As content marketing as a means for increasing lead count continues to grow, it's important to have an idea of who you are creating the content for. We call this the marketing persona.

1)Develop a list of your “best” customers. We defined this as the top 10% of customers by how much they are paying for Bizible since we want to attract more of those customers, but there are other ways you could define this. Choose what works best for your company.

2) Find out who the “primary contact” is for each. For us this was already logged in our CRM. If you have multiple contacts, choose the one who uses your product most often.

3) Lookup each contact on LinkedIn. For all contacts we were able to find them with a simple people search, though you may need to use LinkedIn’s filters (e.g. country, company, etc) to find the exact person.

4) Log details in a spreadsheet. From here you can easily feature out averages and create charts.

Here is some of the detailed we captured, not only on the person, but also on the company:

- Industry
- Title
- Number of employees
- Years of experience (by looking at when they graduated from college)
- Country
- Gender

To find the company information, just hover over the company name under “Experience.” Clicking on this will give you an exact count of employees on LinkedIn.


Using this information, it was easy to understand the demographics of our target. Here's a sample:



Finally, using this information we built out a persona, matching the description to a fake persona and company. Every new piece of content that is released goes through a simple filter: Will Brian (the name of our persona) find this interesting and useful?