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Today, we announced our exciting new partnership with Allocadia, a fellow leader in the Marketing Performance Management space that focuses on marketing spend and investment management and planning.

You can find the details in the press release, but I wanted to take this space to wax enthusiastic about the deal.

Why are we so excited to partner with Allocadia? So glad you asked…

  1. Good marketing starts with good foundations. Allocadia fundamentally enhances the way that marketers handle spend just like Bizible changes the way marketers measure their sales and marketing efforts. Knowing how investments directly tie to revenue forms an unparalleled foundation for any marketing team. 

  2. We’re making marketing better. Both Allocadia and Bizible are dominant players in the Marketing Performance Management (MPM) category and have worked hard to define the space. We’re working to mature our customers’ marketing teams and help them make better decisions. 

  3. We’re both obsessed with ROI. At Bizible, we’ve spent our time and efforts on the “R” of ROI—we’re obsessed with helping marketers tie every effort to revenue. At Allocadia, they’ve been equally obsessive about the “I” of ROI—they allow marketers to create and share spending plans across every channel, region, and product, as well as enhancing results tracking.

  4. We have complementary strengths. Allocadia gets incredibly granular with marketing spend, and then they roll it up into high-level views that allow marketers to make great investment decisions. They’re weaker at attribution, where they don’t measure as many channels and have limited models in comparison with Bizible. Conversely, at Bizible we get incredibly granular with revenue attribution data, and then we roll it up into high-level views that allow marketers to make great investment decisions around their marketing efforts. We’re weaker at costs, since we either get costs directly from our API integrations with ad networks or from csv uploads—vastly removed from Allocadia’s advanced spend management and financial systems integrations.

  5. We recognize good products. It’s always an incredible pleasure to work with a company with a great product, and we like to think that Allocadia recognizes the same greatness in our product. What I personally appreciate about Allocadia’s platform is their easy-to-approach high-level views of all marketing spend. I’ve never seen anything that powerful on the spend side before (and I’ve been managing marketing for a while), and it blew me away.

  6. We all like rain. Okay, maybe that’s going a bit too far, but in a martech world dominated by Bay Area companies, working with a company within driving distance (Vancouver to our Seattle) has made it incredibly easy for our teams to get to know each other. The Bizible team especially enjoyed our epic road trip to downtown Vancouver to meet the Allocadia team and see their beautiful offices.

  7. Our mutual customers love this idea. At Bizible, one of our values is, “customer first, always,” and hearing positive customer feedback around this partnership has been fantastic. After mentioning to a mutual customer that I’d just come back from an epic road trip to Vancouver, her response was, ‘Please please please tell me you went up to meet with Allocadia, because that would be so awesome!” 

On second thought, #7 is really our #1 reason for loving this partnership: it’s incredibly powerful for our customers (both current and future). We’re working on product integrations right now, and we’re excited about the incredibly accurate ROI at all levels that our mutual customers will get through our cooperation.

To our friends at Allocadia—let’s enjoy this ride and make 1+1=3 for our awesome customers!

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