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We’re on a journey to build an inbound blog that generates $10,000 in monthly revenue. Inspired by the BufferGroove, and Mozblogs, we decided to blog our progress and share our learnings along the way.



  • Visits: 5,971 (+276%)

  • Leads: 17 (+170%)

  • Opportunities: 3 (+300%)

  • Monthly Revenue: $1,147 (Unchanged)

Bizible Blog Gets Big Increase In Traffic  

In order to meet our $10,000/month goal we need to increase traffic, and convert those visitors to leads. So in November we implemented an editorial calendar and got serious about developing quality content, and promoting it. 

The chart shows the healthy increase in pageviews in November. We also saw increases in leads and opportunities soon after.

Top New Posts

Our top 3 posts published in November, by number of shares:

  1. What We Learned After Spending $50,000 In LinkedIn Ads / 405 shares (+200% increase compared to previous social shares record)

  2. What Marketers Need to Know About Tag Management / 143 shares

  3. 6 Awesome Examples of High-Converting B2B Landing Pages / 140 shares

After reflection and reviewing our posts, we noted 4 things that explain the increase in content quality and blog performance.

1) We Used Strong Visual Examples

One of our popular posts in November showed examples of awesome landing pages. Reading takes time, so illustrating our point with great visual examples created a better user experience. Readers can interpret visual examples for themselves and get inspired quickly. 

We’ll admit, it was a lot of work finding and creating those screenshots, but it made the blog post tangible and more readable. Plus, using third party examples increased the likelihood of getting them to share our post on social media. 

The Takeaway -- Instantly improve your blog post by using great visual examples to illustrate your point. 

2) We Put Effort In Promoting Our Blog Posts

Creating quality content on schedule is demanding. Promoting content can easily get  prioritized behind other marketing activities but we found getting serious about content promotion really works.

Here’s what we did:

  • Paid social ads pointing towards content

  • Citing thought leaders and partners in our posts, then sharing content with them on social media. 

  • Sharing our content on large blogs or news sites and getting featured

The Takeaway -- Don’t forget to promote your blog, even if you’re busy or don’t want to keep looking at your content. 

3) We Generated Clear Takeaways During Brainstorming

The trait of all good content is having strong, clear takeaways. So we dedicated more time for brainstorming, making sure that each post had a clear thesis and a valuable lesson.

We committed to making sure we spent more time in ideation mode to generate quality, non-obvious takeaways. Advice, lessons, and words of wisdom take a lot of thinking, but skipping the “thinking”, only leads to tiresome content. Who wants that?

When we took the time to generate memorable takeaways the blog posts became much more compelling.

The Takeaway -- Develop clear, compelling topic headlines in the brainstorming process. It leads to clearer writing and better content. And revise, revise, revise to get to the core message.

4) We Shared Our Data 

Our strongest performing post shared data from our LinkedIn Ads campaigns. It started a conversation and we learned that this is a hot topic for our target readers. The post was valuable because it shared tips, wishes and tactics based on our experience. For readers thinking about LinkedIn Ads, the post told a story about our investment in paid social -- we experimented so readers don’t have to. Sharing our data was a great way to approach content marketing. 

The Takeaway -- There is always a good story to tell around results and data, whether the results are good or bad.

See You In 2015 For More Blog Results

As we continue learning what works in B2B blogging for lead generation, we’ll recap our learnings each month. Look for our post in January 2015, we’ll be one step closer to our blog revenue goal and have more insight into what it takes to make our blog a revenue generating machine. 

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